Most Gyms, Wins.

Victoria & Tasmania $500 cash giveaway Competition rules.


* To enter you must create a profile within the app.


* The registered personal trainer who creates and geotags the most Urban Gyms before May 1st wins $500 cash.

* Each urban gym must have a minimum of 10 sets.


* All urban gyms must be in a area where the public can easily access it.


* Each exercise must include a written description of correct form.


* There will be weekly updates on the leaders as well as the gym pins displayed on the

App map at


So good luck to everyone, get your profile created today and and begin to turn the world into a gym.

Watch the 5 min tutorial if you haven’t quite grasped the concept as yet.


As Urban Gyms are created and tagged I will be heavily marketing them and getting members viewing, completing and reviewing the workouts. The highest star rated gyms will of course attract the most clients.