Urban gym pt 



Urban Gym Portable Trainer has been specifically designed and developed as an effective lead generation tool for Personal Trainers and is the world’s first geotagging app of its kind.


It is the “must have” app for all Personal Trainers in 2018 and beyond!


How is Urban Gym PT beneficial to Personal Trainers?



  • It allows users to put lead generation on autopilot!


  • It is free to use for all registered Personal Trainers who create 3 gyms per month. There are no hidden costs.


  • It provides the ability for users to better service their existing clients with additional exercise options that can be completed outside of scheduled sessions.


  • By only showing urban gyms within a 10km radius it localizes your potential client base.




The feature that makes this app so special is the ability to produce quick and easy videos that showcase your skills and personality as a trainer and then have these videos GEO Tagged.


The Urban Gym PT App then target markets the geographical area the videos were made in to its huge database of members who are actively looking for new and exciting exercise options. This means that potential clients can see you in action. If they like what they see and would like to contact you direct then they will “in app” message you.


Other features include the ability to:


  • Create your own profile highlighting your skills, passions as well as important business information which allows potential new clients to contact you directly;


  • Communicate quickly and easily with current and potential new clients via “in app messaging”;





  • Members log in and “find closest Urban Gym”.


  • Urban gyms within a 10km radius of the app member are then displayed.


  • Each Urban Gym workout video will be labelled with a difficulty rating which ranges from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


  • Members then select an Urban Gym which they believe will meet their needs and proceed to the location using “in app” navigation.


  • Once they arrive at the location, Urban Gym will have a preview picture and will show the exercise area.


  • The workout will comprise a series of exercises and sets that you have prescribed via your video’s and the accompanying app text.


  • Once the user has completed the workout they will rate their experience out of 5 via a star rating.


  • There is also the ability for users to leave further written comments.





Once you download the Urban Gym App you will be provided with a user guide manual and accompanying video series showing you how to make the most of this incredible tool.


You will also have access to the app developer if you need further support.


Please rest assured that the app is easy to use and has the potential to sky rocket the number of leads you receive for your personal training services.